Let’s Twist Again


Let’s Twist Again was the name of an exhibition and symposium created by Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, to celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2010. The symposium, held at the Wosk Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University, was created to explore the future of Centre A and the future of Vancouver in the changing world of contemporary art, – how the world, art, and Vancouver have evolved in the last decade, – and where we could go from here.

The Symposium Questions

World maps of contemporary art have shifted dramatically since Tiananmen and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  • How does Vancouver situate itself amid these changes?

  • What are the implications for the making of art and the production of artists?

Global networks and social media are transforming the art world.

  • What is their impact on the design of museums, cultural policy,education and arts funding?

  • How are Vancouver artists responding to global issues and local pressures?

Vancouver is in the grips of a city-wide debate about the place of arts and culture in the city’s vision of its future.

  • What kind of spaces are we building for art?

  • What does Vancouver have to say to the world?

The Opportunity

We have the contributions of the participants who spoke to the symposium. We have the resources of the people and enterprises who contributed to making the symposium possible. We have Centre A as a community resource and creative contributor. We have communication technology.

We have the opportunity and ability to use our creative resources to continue the conversation – to explore where we are, – and where we could go, – and how we could get there.

We could begin by exploring our resources, our contributors to our community and our world, our common interests, our connections and relationships, and our possibilities, and explore, as a community in creative conversation, ideas and opportunities for creative community enterprise to contribute to creating our future.

Questions for creative conversation

To explore how Vancouver might situate itself amid the dramatic changes that are taking place in our world, we might begin by exploring how we are situated now.

How is Vancouver situated in the world of contemporary art?

The implications for the making of art and the production of artists could be explored from the point of view of what we imagine we contribute, – and could contribute.

What does Vancouver say to the world as a centre of cultural and creative expression?

A city-wide debate about the place of arts and culture in Vancouver’s future is how we create a future for arts and culture in Vancouver for our community and our contribution to the future of our world

How do we excite interest in creating spaces, investing resources, and increasing our contribution to our cultural, creative, and community development?

Global networks and social media are transforming the world. The question is how can the art world and our creative community in Vancouver contribute to this transformation.

How can we use the communication technology available?


Opportunities for creative community enterprise

We can curate our arts, our creative resources, our creative contributors, and the opportunities we are creating for our community to experience, learn, contribute and connect.

We can explore the contribution of contemporary art, Vancouver’s contribution to the contemporary arts, and opportunities we create and contribute for people to experience, appreciate, and understand the contribution of contemporary art to our cultural and creative development.

We can use our communication technology to connect our different communities of interest in exploring where we are now, what we are doing, what is working, and what we could do, and identify opportunities, possibilities, and ideas for creative community enterprise.

We can explore how we communicate with art and how art communicates to us.

We can explore the possibilities for creating a future for Centre A, – our International Centre of Contemporary Asian Art, – and how we can increase the contribution of our creative community resource to our community, to our creative and cultural development, and to our common human interests as a global community.

What we can do

We can learn who is contributing to our common interests in contemporary art by introducing ourselves and telling our story so everyone in our community could learn what we do, what we contribute, what our interests are, and what opportunities we are contributing.

We can invite communities of interest who are involved, contribute to, or benefit from our contributions to contribute ideas and explore opportunities and possibilities we could pursue

We can identify ideas and opportunities that could attract interest, resources and creative contributors and invite our community to engage in creative conversation around ideas and initiatives that could contribute to our community interests


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